Liner Magazine is a quarterly, online publication dedicated to personal style in all things. The theme varies each issue, but the general idea is to explore personal style--not just in appearance, but in life.

Style over fashion, honesty over perfection, courage over tradition. You can read the current issues below. 

There are editorials, interviews, articles, and subjects from all walks who thrive on visuals and are interested in the deeper meaning of what we see and adorn ourselves with. Learn more about the inception and process of Liner here

We will never, ever charge for you to read the magazine. You can see volume one here, and volume two here, or just flip through them below on this very page. If you'd like to purchase a hard copy for your viewing pleasure, please go here. If you want to submit or be a part of the team, just email us; we'd love to talk!  If you'd like to have an ad in an issue, we do that, but not in the normal way--we'll photograph and design your ad to fit with the aesthetic of the magazine and let you use all the photos forever.

Our motto: style is personal.

Los Angeles, California
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